Offering Expert Guidance

Offering Expert Guidance

Paustenbach and Associates is actively helping clients manage and mitigate risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a number of science-based services and solutions that can assist our clients and their communities as they respond to the pandemic. 


We are answering questions about occupational health and safety, employee training, advise to Human Resources, and disinfection and decontamination of products. 



How We can Help

Conduct Health Risk Assessments

Conduct Industrial Hygiene Assessments

Develop Safety Protocols

For re-entry programs for employees, contractors, and customers

Emergency response planning

and risk communication strategy

Evaluation of diagnostic testing and tools

Product safety and compliance assessments

Assess the effects of temporary regulatory orders

and return-to-normal processes

Regulatory compliance Reviews

Investigations of alleged damage

from COVID-19 virus detection and mitigation efforts

Advice on possible adverse health effects

beyond the COVID-19 virus itself