About Paustenbach & Associates

Scientific Consulting Firm

Paustenbach and Associate’s vision is to be among the leading scientific consulting firms dedicated to assisting clients in solving their human and environmental risk challenges, as well as to improve their product sustainability, workplaces, and communities.

40+ years


Our staff has over 40 years of experience in the areas of risk assessment, environmental engineering, ecotoxicology, and occupational health.


Repeat Business

In surveys we have conducted of our clients, they always comment on the speed of our responsiveness and the quality of the end product.



We have a deep understanding on how to tackle any problem that involves chemicals in any media.


Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their current and emerging issues using the fundamentals of exposure science, toxicology and risk assessment to understand and characterize human or ecological health hazards. We believe in having a dynamic work environment that inspires collaboration and creativity among our professionals.

Problem Solving Speciality

Our specialty is problem-solving and advising firms who facelegal, regulatory or societal challenges regarding chemicals in the workplace or the environment. We primarily serve the private sector and their legal counsel, but have also worked for state and federal governments. 

Basic Scientific Principals

We are a scientific consulting firm who relies on applying basic scientific principles to address challenges regarding chemicals which corporations face on a daily basis. 

Focused on your problems with a sense of urgency

 We pride ourselves to be among a handful of firms who focuses on the client’s problem with focus and a sense of urgency. We have seen virtually every type of challenge that a firm can face. Spills, occupational hazards, airborne emissions, releases of chemicals to water bodies, Prop 65 compliance, product sustainability, toxic tort litigation, contaminated soils, contaminated foods and consumer products and a variety of other challenges are addressed by our team on a regular basis.

Meet Our Team

We hire talented staff who are highly motivated, energetic, and well-educated in their respective fields. We present an exciting work environment where professionals can rapidly advance in responsibility, develop expertise in a wide array of scientific topics, and can build a foundation for a long and satisfying career in consulting. 

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